In 2017, the Belize Raptor Research Institute (BRRI), founded in 2009, and the Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team (S6), founded in 2013, merged into one oragnization to form the Belize Bird Conservancy to fulfill their mutual goals of research, education and conservation of birds. The founding of the Belize Bird Conservancy allowed for a greater opportunity to enhance programs, start more projects, and accomplish more in bird conservation by reaching a larger community. 



The mission of the Belize Bird Conservancy is to conserve birds in their habitat across Belize through on-the-ground scientific research, education, advocacy, and collaborations. The objectives are to better understand Belize birds through scientific research: provide education outreach: train future conservationists and biologists: provide economic opportunities to Belizeans: provide volunteer and internship programs: and form partnerships with local and international wildlife conservation groups and government bodies to help protect birds in Belize.

Living wild species are like a library of books still unread. Our heedless destruction of them is akin to burning that library without ever having read its books.
— John Dingell

What We've Achieved

  • Created the first Hawk Watch in Belize a
  • Have published numerous articles on bird ecology and conservation
  • Have presented at numerous national and international conferences sharing our work
  • Have trained many Belizeans in field research methods
  • Have assisted on land use and land preservation decisions.
  • Have given Belizeans job opportunities
  • Have assisted in halting the extirpation of Scarlet Macaws in Belize
  • Have established many key partnerships to achieve our goals
  • Conducted the first countrywide population assessment on the endangered Yellow-headed Parrot
  • Have educated local communities in Belize on bird conservation
  • Conducted the first study on multiple enigmatic raptor species: Hook-billed Kite, Solitary Eagle, Stygian Owl.