2018 Bird-a-thon Fundraiser Announced (April 1-30)

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April is the time of our biggest fundraising event, the Belize Bird Conservancy Bird-a-thon. This year we celebrate the 6th bird-a-thon, a fun time of the year when we get to spend the day counting birds throughout Belize with friends. Our goal is to have fun, but our ultimate result is to raise money for our research, conservation and education work, while competing for prizes.

This competition also has a much-coveted goal among lodges.  To win the H. Lee Jones Cup! Lodges in Belize attract visitors interested in the bountiful nature Belize has to offer.  Expert guides help them see and enjoy everything which surrounds them. We invite you to enter the bird-a-thon competition and challenge fellow lodge managers and guides to a friendly competition for “the birdiest lodge”. The rules are the standard ones for a bird-a-thon, but you must count birds observed only within a 5-mile circle encompassing your lodge, within 24-hours.  This must be done between April 1 and April 30. The team can count at any time within their chosen day.

We want to encourage your lodge to include guests that would like to participate in this event and assist with your lodge’s fundraising effort. The lodge can offer the day of birding to guests, with the resulting revenue as a contribution to the Bird-a-thon.  Alternatively, guests pay the lodge for the birding tour, but pledge an amount determined before the bird-a-thon, as contribution for the event.  If both the lodge and your guests contribute, even better.  We appreciate any donation to support our research and conservation work.

Last year there were several competing lodges, which included Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, Bocawina Rainforest Resort, Mystic River Resort, Lamanai Outpost Lodge, The Lodge at Chaa Creek, The Farm Inn and Black Rock Lodge. Last year, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and Lamanai Outpost Lodge ended in a tie, with 206 species and taking home the H. Lee Jones Cup. Our goal is to have 20 participating lodges this year. Register your team, form your team, choose your date, find sponsors and compete to win prizes! Does your lodge have what it takes to take home the cup this year, which will be showcased at your lodge? Register your team today by emailing us at belizebirdconservancy@gmail.com and sending your $100bz registration fee.

Go get more information on this event here.

Hawk Watch Project 5th Anniversary: FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN

In 2013, the Belize Raptor Research Institute, now the Belize Bird Conservancy (BBC), set out to start the first long-term Belize Hawk Watch Program to fill a void of raptor migration knowledge and better understand raptor migration in the Belize and the region. We were successful and counted over 8,000 raptors our first count season. This quickly became an annual program and is now an established Hawk Watch program and registered as an official Hawk Watch count-site as part of the Hawk Migration Association of North America. In 2014-2016 we counted an average of 14,381 raptors per year, including exciting discoveries, such as the movements of species that were thought to be sedentary, the Double-toothed Kite and Hook-billed Kite.

This year (2017) will be our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY with your kind donation and contribution.

Last year with the help of all of our donors we were able to start the first Raptor Certification Program and education campaign in Central America to train local Belizeans in raptor ecology, conservation, and research as part of the Hawk Watch Count. It was exceptionally successful and this program was the buzz throughout the country and beyond. We also had interest from other Central American countries and South America. With its great success we would like to do it again that is why we are starting a campaign to raise $7,500.

The funds from this campaign will go towards covering certification participant's costs (travel, room and board, educational materials), educational materials, hawk watch equipment (weather meter, spotting scope), and salaries of the Belizean Project Coordinator and Count Leader.

Every dollar helps, so no donation is too small. If all of our followers donated $5 we would reach our goal! Consider making a donation towards this one-of-a-kind program.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible in the U.S. as Belize Bird Conservancy is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

You can donate by:
1) Through GoFundMe here

2) Send a check to Belize Bird Conservancy at P.O. Box 110234 Campbell, CA 95011

3) Through Stripe here

You can send an email to us at belizebirdconservancy@gmail.com

Check out our documentary on this program produced by Nickolas Lormand at Scarlet Studios below.

2017 Birding for Conservation Tour: Reserve your Seat

You are cordially invited to register for the Belize Bird Conservancy's Birding for Conservation Tour. It will be led by Roni Martinez and Isael Mai in the Central American gem, Belize, from August 6-16, 2017.

This tour will be like no other birding trip you have experienced! Along with observing new species, and exploring habitats throughout Belize, you will also enjoy an educational enrichment through discussions on conservation and research projects taking place in Belize. This tour will be focused on seeing and enjoying as many birds the group can observe, but will look for and appreciate all biodiversity. You will learn about the conservation efforts and research projects of the Belize Bird Conservancy and have a chance to observe many bird species of Belize. Proceeds from this tour will directly to the conservation efforts of the Belize Bird Conservancy, ultimately conserving species throughout the country and region.

Cost: Double Occupancy $2,650 and Single Occupancy $2,800 (Includes room and board, transportation in country, entrance fees, conservation fees, gratuity. Does not include flight to and from Belize)


Reserve your seat today for this one-of-a-kind bird tour while supporting bird research, education, and conservation!