We conserve birds in their habitats across Belize through on-the-ground scientific research, education, advocacy, and collaborations.


The objectives of the Belize Bird Conservancy shall be to better understand Belize birds through scientific research: provide education outreach: train future conservationists and biologists: provide economic opportunities to Belizeans: provide volunteer and internship programs: and form partnerships with local and international wildlife conservation groups and government bodies to help protect birds in Belize.



We conserve birds in their habitat across Belize through on-the-ground scientific research, education, advocacy, and collaborations. Find out about our organization, mission, who is involved, collaborators and the results of years of conservation.


Check out our multiple projects dedicated to conducting scientific research to learn more about periled species in Belize while giving locals opportunities and educating communities to ultimately conserve the birds of Belize.


2017 Belize Birding for conservation Tour

You are cordially invited to register for the Belize Bird Conservancy's Birding for Conservation Tour. It will be led by Roni Martinez and Isael Mai in the Central American gem, Belize, from August 6-16, 2017.

This tour will be like no other birding trip you have experienced! Along with observing new species, and exploring habitats throughout Belize, you will also enjoy an educational enrichment through discussions on conservation and research projects taking place in Belize. This tour will be focused on seeing and enjoying as many birds the group can observe, but will look for and appreciate all biodiversity. You will learn about the conservation efforts and research projects of the Belize Bird Conservancy and have a chance to observe many bird species of Belize. Proceeds from this tour will directly to the conservation efforts of the Belize Bird Conservancy, ultimately conserving species throughout the country and region.

Cost: Double Occupancy $2,650 and Single Occupancy $2,800 (Includes room and board, transportation in country, entrance fees, conservation fees, gratuity. Does not include flight to and from Belize)


Reserve your seat today for this one-of-a-kind bird tour while supporting bird research, education, and conservation!